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Chess in Education

Connecting Chess to Academic and 21 st Century Skills.

What We Are About

This independent, non-commercial portal offers educators, researchers, and the general public access to information about Chess in Education (CIE) theory and international state of the art practices. It is operated by Chess in Education – US, a non-profit US [501(c)(3)] corporation, in collaboration with several commercial and other non-profit organizations with a shared interest in advancing CIE.

Chess changes lives.

Chess changes the lives of students.

More than a game, Chess in Education (CIE) uses chess as a vehicle for introducing and reinforcing academic and 21st Century skills.

Chess offers the opportunity to build connections between teachers and students, improving the classroom, and school environment.

CIE focuses on chess as an educational tool – making deliberate connections for skill transfer to other domains.

“My students’ favorite part of the day is chess! Chess reaches every learning level from special education to the gifted student.”

Mindee AllenGifted Specialist, USA

“All my colleagues welcome the [chess] project and the whole school as well because they agree that chess (educative and transversal) is a great tool to be used in the classroom.”

Jose ColetoMath Teacher, Spain

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