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One of the presentations at the 2022 Zurich Chess: a Game to be Spread in Schools conference by leaders of the Chess in Education movement.

The Chess in Schools conference β€œChess: a Game to be Spread in Schools” took place on 14th May 2022 at the Dorint Airport Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. The conference highlighted several projects sponsored by Erasmus+ funding from the European Union. Goals for these projects included training teachers to use the new methodologies for chess as an educational tool and then having teachers train other teachers.

Swiss Chess Federation Secretary General Mr. Oliver Marti welcomed all participants. Included among the speakers were:

  • ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili,
  • ECU Secretary General Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou,
  • ECU Vice President and FIDE Managing Director Dana Reizniece Ozola,
  • Chairman of ECU EDU Commission Jesper Hall,
  • Luis Blasco de la Cruz – Club Villalba 64,
  • Davide Della Rina – Turin University,
  • Miriam Minardi – CSEN,
  • Alessandro Dominici – Alfiere Bianco, Zurich, and
  • FIDE Senior Adviser for Chess in Education Jerry Nash.

Key topics in the program included:

  • CGS project overall presentation
  • Psychomotricity on giant chessboard – CASTLE/ERASMUS+ project
  • Report of the CGS research and Chess Teaching Models.
  • Case Studies by pioneer Chess organisations
  • Chess and Coding presentation
  • Strategy Games on the chessboard
  • Interactive online training platform
  • ECU and FIDE presentations of CIS programs and actions.

View presentation videos and full details about the Chess: a Game to be Spread in Schools conference here.

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