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Chess and ADHD

This blog post from our CIE Coalition partners at Premier Chess caught our attention. The post features Andrea Elrom, a Certified ADHD & Executive Function Coach. Elrom possesses more than 19 years of experience working with children and parents through her New York City-based practice, creADDive Solutions. She is now exploring the possibilities of chess for those with ADHD.

Andrea, like so many others confined during the pandemic, discovered a fascination for chess while watching “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix. She reflects on the connections between chess and her professional and personal life.

“As an ADHD coach and an Adder myself, this opened up an awareness to the incredible impact chess can have on the ADHD brain. Spending most of my coaching career on teaching and strengthening Executive Function skills, I am intrigued by the power that chess has on attention/concentration, decision making, problem solving, flexibility, sustained effort and self-regulation.”

Andrea plans to start chess lessons through Premier Chess along with her son. Hopefully, we will hear more from Andrea as she continues her chess journey. In the meantime, explore the many connections between chess and educational theory for all students.

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