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International Chess Federation

Chess in Education theory and practice continue to evolve globally despite pandemic constraints.

 FIDE Chess in Education Commission (EDU) and ”Chess” Scientific Research Institute of ASPU (Armenian State Pedagogical University) are organizing an International online conference, entitled “Chess in Education”, which will be held on November 20-21, 2021, via Zoom video conferencing.

Main themes of the conference:


  • Formation of prior knowledge for chess.
  • Functions of prior knowledge for chess.
  • Socio-pedagogical justifications for that prior knowledge.
  • The problems of developing a preschooler’s thinking.
  • The main manifestations of a preschooler’s development.


  • School chess models, especially differences between “chess for education” and “education for chess”.
  • In-service training of teachers to teach chess.
  • Problems with the quality of chess teaching in school.
  • Chess in special needs education.
  • School chess research results.
  • Hybrid and online learning.


  • Issues of the training of chess teachers.
  • Models of Chess 101 in Universities around the world.
  • Chess as a means of promoting learning by university students.

Working languages of the conference are English and Spanish. All attendees are required to register for the conference online through the Conference website : closing date November 7. Additional information about the conference may also be found on the FIDE site.

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