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An Adaptive Coalition for Chess in Education



An Adaptive Coalition for Chess in Education

Our Mission is Simple.

The Chess in Education (CIE) Initiative exists to create awareness of chess as an educational tool and to provide resources for the education community. The CIE community believes that students’ lives are positively impacted when teachers use chess to introduce and reinforce academic and 21st Century skills.

This site is maintained by the support team of Chess in Education – US, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in the United States as a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization. Its goal is to operate as part of an international coalition of organizations sharing similar values and interests in promoting CIE worldwide.

Geographically Our Organizational Mission is Twofold.

1.  In the United States, to provide a knowledge base that will assist the education community to efficiently investigate, analyze, and implement effective CIE programs.
2. To engage with like-minded CIE organizations internationally to share CIE research, news, and best practices.

The Chess in Education Coalition

The CIE Coalition is an advisory group of commercial and non-profit organizations that support the Chess in Education Initiative through commitments of their time, resources, and endorsements.

Too often in our complex society, large institutions can be unresponsive to newly emerging changes and opportunities. We believe this has been the case with Chess in Education, but we believe there is a solution. Journalist Thomas Friedman writes that in the absence of formal leadership, “leaders without authority” (who check their politics at the door and focus on what works) can network together into what Friedman calls “complex adaptive coalitions” to spearhead both economic and societal change.

This inspiration led to the formation of the CIE Coalition, comprised of the following organizations.

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