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CIE Coalition participants provide a range of services and products to support Chess in Education, from individual schools to public or private school systems, to statewide programs. In additions we have compiled a secondary set of possible resources whose publicly available information that suggest that they may incorporate an educational perspective in their product or service offerings.

Sponsors / Foundations

The Chess in Education Initiative seeks sponsors and foundation support to grow and support a national network of CIE-trained service providers. Interested parties are invited to contact Chess in Education – US, a 501(c)(3) public charity using the email form below or at the address shown on their website.

Service Providers

The CIE Coalition seeks engagement with local education and chess training service providers looking to expand their extracurricular chess training programs into the classroom by engaging with educators through the use of education-centric training programs.

We envision a future in which a network of local and regional education/chess training service providers are able to offer an established and certified CIE program recognized by the Education authorities. Much of the enabling infrastructure for this is already in place. Programs like this are flourishing in in Europe. ChessPlus provides such an established program in Europe under the auspices of the European Chess Union and is expanding to other continents. Chess in Education – US in collaboration with ChessPlus is looking to build a network of certified CIE service providers in the US.

If you are interested in becoming a certified Chess in Education service provider, or becoming a local or regional CIE service provider offering CIE certification services within your region or locality in the US, please follow these steps:

  1. Read the CIE Coalition Press Release for Service Providers to learn more about the CIE Coalition and Chess in Education Initiative.
  2. Show your support for by joining as a VIP member.
  3. Contact us, providing background on your organization, and describing your reasons for considering participation in the CIE Coalition. Include a link to your website. Use the form below, or write us at

To Start or Upgrade Your Chess in Education (CIE) Program

CIE Coalition Participants

Start your search with the organizations that have shown the passion for CIE to bring this website into existence.

Chess in Education Consultants, Professional Development for Teachers & Chess Coaches. Based in the United States

Online Curriculum, Chess Club/Classroom Management, Student Chess Report Cards, Online Tournaments

Educational Consultants Based in Europe

Engaging Young Minds

Teaching Critical & Creative Thinking Skills
through the Game of Chess

 First Move Chess

BeSomeone Logo

Be Someone is a nonprofit using tools, including chess, to promote self-esteem, responsibility, and analytical thinking among children in under-served communities.

FIDE Chess in Education Commission

The focus of FIDE’s Chess in Education Commission is to expand the global outreach for chess in education.


Your Organization

and your role in Chess in Education

(+ a link to your landing page)

Other Chess Links

In addition to the above links for coalition members, here are a few more informative chess website links:

History of Chess

Chess Rules

  • Rules of Chess – Wikipedia outlines the basic rules of chess and their history.
  • Sportsmanship and Etiquette –  The Illinois Chess Association provides their rules for sportsmanship and etiquette for scholastic tournaments. Useful as a classroom guide.

Chess, Mathematics, and Psychology

Other Chess Organizations

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