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Reflections on 2023

Reflecting on the incredible year that was 2023, I feel a sense of nostalgia and gratitude for my journey. From the moment my first book, The Princess, the Knight, and the Lost God: A Chess Story was released, I knew I had found an additional calling – to enrich the world of chess fiction for kids, and to be involved in supporting chess in education.


Throughout this past year, I connected with fellow chess enthusiasts and formed beautiful friendships. The chess community welcomed me with open arms, and I am honored to know many special individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes. I had a most enjoyable interview with the great Jim Eade, who dedicates his work at the Eade Foundation to enhancing chess literacy and excellence worldwide.

Additionally, Mike Klein, the voice of, kindly included me on his delightful ChessKid’s Book Special Video. (Segment at 14:40)

Then there was the brilliant master educator and talk show host Christopher Vowles, who engaged me in a most fascinating talk about chess and education on Teachers’ Talk Radio.

(And there were many more; my thanks to all!)

The 2023 FIDE London Chess Conference

Another highlight of 2023 was speaking at the London Chess Conference speaking at the FIDE London Chess Conference, where I merged my teaching background with my writing adventures. The conference focused on the relationship between chess and STEM. Speaking at this prestigious event allowed me to share my knowledge and insights about the power of using chess to support literacy with chess enthusiasts from around the world. Also, the wisdom I gained by hearing my colleagues’ presentations fueled my passion to bring the love of chess to children everywhere.

I want to especially express my heartfelt thanks to Neil Dietsch, Managing Director of Chess in Education – US, and Jerry Nash, CIE-US’s National Chess Education Consultant and the tireless Chairman of the FIDE Chess in Education Commission. They reached out to me early on with positivity and kindness. Their encouragement, enthusiasm, and guidance especially through the beginning of my writing career is much appreciated.

2023 Fans, Readers, and Chess Kids

To my supporters on social media: Every “like” and kind, supportive comment always means a lot. I am thrilled to learn from your chess journeys as well! Your kind words about my books mean the world.

In my own community, I have connected with local chess players, educators, and inspiring chess-loving kids. Also, I am proud to have established my own community chess club for children and teenagers. Watching their enthusiasm and creativity in chess activities is incredibly rewarding.

Beyond 2023

After reviewing the past year, I now look ahead to 2024.  I am excited and optimistic for what lies ahead. I’m eager to continue bringing the joy and benefits of chess to children through my club as well as in-person and school visits (contact me if interested!) I also have a few more books planned. And I want to hear from you, fellow educators, writers, players, and readers in the field. Tell me what you’d like to share or hear more about!

Thank you to all my readers and followers for their kind words and unwavering support in 2023. Without you, I never could have published my first four children’s books that are available now.

Here’s to another year of growth, learning, and spreading the magic of chess to young minds. Let’s make 2024 another chess year to remember!

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