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The annual Educational Chess Summit convenes on October 15, 2023 in Budapest, Hungary as part of the 9th Global Chess Festival.

This year’s focus is on DECISION-MAKING and EDUCATION. During the presentations and roundtable discussions, topics will include the relationship between artificial intelligence and modern education, the growth mindset, and the developmental role of chess in early age.

The Educational Chess Summit draws thought leaders from the Asia, Europe, and the US to discuss new perspectives on educational chess, presenting innovative new methods, best practices, tools and results.

Speakers are renowned experts from all around the world who have taken significant steps to promote chess in the daily lives of kindergartens and schools. In their work, they have introduced and fostered a love for chess among tens of thousands of children, and they have also participated in the training of thousands of instructors and teachers through educational courses.


The depth of decision-making
by Dana Reizniece-Ozola (Latvia)
Grandmaster, served as minister of Economics (2014–2016) and minister of Finance (2016–2019) of the Republic of Latvia. Current managing director, Deputy Chair of the Management Board of the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

“Time is one of the most important factors in decision-making. In chess, you try to remember, calculate, analyze, sometimes rely on intuition, but then you really have to make the move. 20, 40, 60 and more times each game. The ability to make decisions and take responsibility related to those is an important skill in business. Procrastination is no good for business.”

Roundtable Discussion:

  • Decision-making in chess, business, and the law. Similarities and differences.
  • How can AI affect education and work

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Presentations are expected to be recorded and made available online.

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