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Show educator support of chess in education is a future trend

The New Hampshire Department of Education announced an innovative partnership with Chess in Schools (CIS) to establish a statewide initiative called Granite Gambit. Funded by federal Title funds, the program aims to expand students’ access to the benefits of chess.

Teacher-Driven Initiative

The statewide program supports training for teacher-driven chess programs that connect chess with core academic content, helping to build student engagement. In addition to the academic content, the game of chess builds skills in critical thinking, logic, strategy, and creativity. The program allows interested schools to build the capacity for sustainable programming.

Popularity of The Queens Gambit

“The game of chess has become incredibly popular with students as a result of the hit Netflix series The Queens Gambit,” stated Frank Edelblut, commissioner of education. “The research is clear that when we engage students with their areas of interest, the learning is deeper and richer. We called the program Granite Gambit. A gambit is defined as a device or action as a calculated risk to gain an advantage. Granite Gambit will give both our educators and students an advantage.”

Alabama Model

“The program is modeled after a program Chess in Schools began in 2015 in Alabama,” stated Jerry Nash of Chess in Schools. “Students see the program as a fun to learn exercise. Teachers embrace the program for the impact it has on making students more focused and engaged in traditional curriculum topics. We are excited to be partnering with the New Hampshire Department of Education.”

Granite Gambit Website

Visit the Granite Gambit website for the more information.

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