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Relationship of Life Skills to 21st Century Skills

Chess in Education Initiative Announcement

Chess changes lives, especially the lives of students.Relationship of Life Skills to 21st Century Skills

Today’s students need more than the 3 R’s. To succeed in a rapidly shifting society, they also need the “4 C’s” of 21st century skills. Creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration are essential for a tech-savvy workforce. Chess involves critical thinking under pressure. Young players learn to focus, recognize patterns, weigh alternatives, and resist impulsive actions. Playing chess involves social interaction and relationship-building with teachers and children.

In the U.S., educators are just beginning to realize how powerful chess can be. Even at the most basic levels, learning chess under the guidance of a caring teacher can bolster the most academically challenged student. It can help students at any level make deeper connections between their day-to-day academic performance and the critical, creative, and behavioral skills so necessary for achievement in our 21st century world.

Today, a coalition of chess training organizations is making the adoption of chess learning in schools much easier. Teachers, not chess experts, guide students in connecting chess to education.

Our three Chess in Education (CIE) Coalition organizations – Chess in Schools, ChessKid, and ChessPlus – have joined forces to launch a website and chess training resource to help educators and parents incorporate chess education in our schools.

Our mission is to advance the potential of chess in education in the United States. Working with leaders in the international Chess in Education (CIE) movement, we bring CIE best practices to educators in a way that aligns with their education goals and standards. As a result, we help teachers use chess as an educational tool to help students develop the skills needed for success in and beyond the classroom.

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