Chess in Education

An International Perspective

Chess in Education - An International Perspective

Chess in Education on a Global Scale

The idea of chess as an educational tool generates advocates worldwide. You can see the ongoing efforts in global organizations like the World Chess Federation (FIDE), in Chess in Schools Organizations (CSO’s) which work regionally or in a single country, and in Chess in Education (CIE) service providers which may span multiple countries.

Visit the links in the map below to explore the diversity of these initiatives. Visit the other pages of this website to discover in-depth coverage of key issues in chess in education.

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“Chess is regarded as the ultimate thinking game: it requires concentration, logical analysis and problem solving.”

Rita AtkinsFormer Math Teacher, UK

“All my colleagues welcome the [chess] project and the whole school as well because they agree that chess (educative and transversal) is a great tool to be used in the classroom.”

Jose ColetoMath Teacher, Spain

Newly Released (May 28, 2021)

In the summer of 2020, FIDE and the ECU joined forces to take a survey on what Chess in Schools (CIS) looks like in the world. The information gathered will be used to guide FIDE operational, marketing, and financial plans for Chess in Schools for 2021-2025.

Here is what they learned from the 196 respondents from around the world.

FIDE-ECU Chess in Schools Survey Report

A Portal to Programs Worldwide

Country-specific Websites

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