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Chess in Education

An International Perspective

International Chess World: Stop the War!

Chess in Education on a Global Scale

The idea of chess as an educational tool generates advocates worldwide. You see this in the ongoing efforts of international organizations like FIDE (the International Chess Federation) and the European Chess Union, in chess in schools organizations (CSO’s) which work regionally or in a single country, and in Chess in Education (CIE) service providers with services spanning multiple countries.

Explore what the CIE events and progress happening around the world by visiting the sites listed below.

Or visit our Learn page to find out more about the pedagogy, benefits, and research driving Chess in Education.

“Chess is regarded as the ultimate thinking game: it requires concentration, logical analysis and problem solving.”

Rita AtkinsFormer Math Teacher, UK

“All my colleagues welcome the [chess] project and the whole school as well because they agree that chess (educative and transversal) is a great tool to be used in the classroom.”

Jose ColetoMath Teacher, Spain

A Portal to Chess in Education Programs Worldwide

Since joining the CIE Coalition in 2022, the FIDE Chess in Education Commission has enhanced its educational programs and support of national CIE initiatives.

Click below for FIDE’s reports on the latest international CIE progress and events with links to many other noteworth sites.

World Chess Federation

Chess in Education Commission

The European Chess Union’s Educational Commission has been at the forefront of the international Chess in Education(CIE) movement for more than a decade. It continues to have a robust presence and serve as a model for the international CIE community.

European Chess Union

Educational Commission

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