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St Loutis Chess Conference

Saint Louis Chess Conference Announcement

After a decade-long absence from hosting Chess in Education Conferences, the United States will host a major Chess in Education conference. The Saint Louis Chess Conference is scheduled for October 24-26 at the Chase Park Plaza in Saint Louis, Missouri.

The conference brings together chess educators, researchers and enthusiasts to explore best practices to review the latest research, as well as to generally celebrate the game of chess. Conference sponsors include the Saint Louis Chess Club, US Chess, and the Kasparov Chess Foundation with additional sponsors expected.

Keynote speakers scheduled include:

  • Garry Kasparov, legendary World Champion and founder of the Kasparov Chess Foundation
  • Judit Polgár, the strongest female chess player of all time
  • Maurice Ashley, the first African American in chess history to earn the Grandmaster title

Conference Topics & Events

A full schedule will be released in the summer. Sponsors anticipate sessions to address such topics as:

  • Findings from rigorous studies investigating the educational benefits of chess
  • Gender and chess: data, policy, and practice
  • Chess instruction and programming in unique contexts: senior citizens, prisons, and students with disabilities

In addition to keynote speakers, attendees are expected to learn from and contribute to presentations about

  • chess instructional models (and their differences)
  • “best practices”
  • resources.

“In collaboration with US Chess and Kasparov Chess Foundation, we are proud to bring together chess thought leaders for dynamic discussions and learning opportunities centered around education, research and the broader impact our beloved sport has on individuals and communities,” said Professor Michael Podgursky, Saint Louis Chess Club Board Member and Conference Chair.

While in Saint Louis, attendees will have the opportunity to visit the world renowned Saint Louis Chess Campus, including the Saint Louis Chess Club and World Chess Hall of Fame. Further, attendees can make plans to attend the closing ceremony of the 2024 U.S. Championships to recognize the 2024 Champions, as well as the opening ceremony for Chess 9LX.

Call for Speaker Submissions & Conference Registration

Conference organizers invite interested parties to submit proposals for an opportunity to speak during the event. Speakers interested in delivering empirically-based presentations that use quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methodological approaches to demonstrate the impacts of chess, as well as educational, theoretical, and practitioner-based approaches connected to chess education are encouraged to apply. Single presentation and panel submissions will be accepted through April 5, 2024.

An early bird registration for $150  is available now through April 30.

Click here for additional details on the event, event registration, and invitations for speaker proposal submissions.


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