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The level of analytical thinking developed by playing is a sure way to promote concentration, thinking ahead, better brain function, improved memory and cognitive abilities, strategic thinking and attention improvement… Currently chess is catching on like “wildfire” in the Talladega City School District…

Terry RollerFormer Superintendent, Talladega City Schools

My students’ favorite part of the day is chess! Chess reaches every learning level from special education to the gifted student.

Mindee AllenItinerant Gifted Specialist, Chambers County

The educational value of chess is that it makes asking questions a reflex, and the experience of getting better at chess is finding that your questions get richer and more pertinent.

Jonathan RowsonCo-founder and Director of the research institute Perspectiva, from The Moves That Matter, Scotland

Simply put, chess has given my students an opportunity to recognize their own ability to tap into their metacognitive skills… I’ve seen remarkable growth in thinking skills of all of my students.

Brad Osborne2nd Grade, Daphne Elementary School

My favorite aspect of the ACIS initiative is seeing chess expand outside the classrooms and into the community. Our community chess nights where students of all school ages, their families, and school faculty come together to play chess in our area is such a heart-warming experience.

Telura HamiltonGifted Specialist, English/Language Arts Teacher, Montevallo Middle School

Chess is regarded as the ultimate thinking game: it requires concentration, logical analysis and problem solving

Rita AtkinsFormer Math Teacher, UK
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