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The following conference review by Fernando Moreno is featured on the FIDE EDU website. See link below.

Values and Emotions on Chess in Education
Virtual Congress
October 2021 to February 2022
Official Language: Spanish
Review by Fernando Moreno

During the last decade many congresses and symposiums about the benefits of chess in education have been presented in different parts of the world. Few of them had programs that focus on using chess to develop “emotional intelligence” and what others call “soft” skills. In this VI Congress titled: “Values and Emotions on Chess in Education,” organized recently by AjEdu-DIM, all of the projects focused mainly on developing students’ socio-emotional skills using chess as their main tool.

The principal goal of the VI Congress was to provide innovative methodologies and resources to promote values and educate emotions through educational chess, using gamification and transversality. Within the two years of the pandemic, students around the world are suffering even more in their socio-emotional area. The projects presented give another tool to educators, counselors, and psychologists to increase students’ social emotional skills with regard to values and self-regulation of their emotions by using the game of chess as their tool.

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